Scholarship programs for Masters position and Bachelors degree at the Utretcht university

Eligible candidates: outstanding prospective students from non-EU countries applying for a Prestige Master’s programme, the bachelor’s programme in Economics.

SCHOLARSHIPS amount is : 4000 – 16000 euros per year

the SCHOLARSHIPS is availabe for thirty students only.

Selected students are awarded a scholarship between 4 000 and 5 500 per year (Bachelor) or between 7 000 and 16 000 euro per year (Prestige Master’s).

Scholarship Subjects:

# Bachelor’s programme in Economics

Master Programmes are:

# Mathematical Sciences
# Biomolecular Sciences
# Cancer Genomics and Developmental Biology
# Chemistry and Physics
# Cognitive Neuroscience
# Drug Innovation
# Epidemiology
# Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience
# Human Geography and Planning
# Legal Studies
# Linguistics: the Study of the Language Faculty
# Medieval Studies
# Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism
# Sociology and Social Research
# Sustainable Development
# Theoretical Physics


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