Scholarship for Africans in Agricultural field 2011

Agricultural scholarship positions in Monsanto
Study Subject: Any Agriculture related Subject
Employer: Monsanto
Level: Undergraduate

Scholarship Description: This scholarship is awarded by the Monsanto Company.  The scholarship would award the sum of 2,500 US dollars to ten students in 2011 for their commitment to Agriculture.
Application for this scholarship must be done before the end of February 2011.

To apply for this scholarship position, :
Click here for more Scholarship Information and Application


  1. walangalira Rajab

    i would like to continue with my studies but i cannot find any way,therefore if there is any chance please i am more than ready…

  2. mubanga samson

    iam a zambian orphan ,please help me to study.i wanted to enter the university to study medicine but i had no one to pay for me

  3. mubanga samson mwamba

    iam an orphan, please i would like to study on scholarship

  4. Agbenyo De-love Francis

    scholarship to study aquatic study (degree)


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