International students scholarship positions in Czech republic

Programme Scholarship for foreign students supports foreign students from the third countries out of European Union who want to study at one of the universities in the South Moravian region in the Czech Republic, in the Czech study programmes.
1. Scholarship (monthly 6000 Czech crown – approx. 220EUR) for the first study year – to cover basic living costs (if students achieves good study results during the first study year, they obtain scholarship straight from the university in the following years). There is no tuition fee for students attending study programs in Czech language.
2. Free administrative assistance and consultancy – help with university entrance exams procedure and during the first study year in the South Moravian region (diploma recognition, information service, visa, study matters etc.)
Foreign students from the third countries out of European Union, who wish to study a follow-up master or Ph.D. study programs in Czech language, at partner universities in the South Moravian region of the Czech Republic. Preferably in technical and natural science field of study (applicants for other study programmes are welcomed as well, however their chance to obtain scholarship is much lower). Applicants, who have already studied at any of the Czech universities before, are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.
Detailed information to be found at How to submit an application
Deadline for application submitting
Applications for the academic year 2013/2014 can be submitted from 1st December 2012 till 30th January 2013.
Applications for the academic year 2012/2013 were accepted till 30th January 2012.
Conditions for receiving scholarship:
1. Submitting the complete application for scholarship and application for study in the given deadlines.
2. Applicants must pass successfully an entrance university exam
3. Final choice of scholarship holders makes independent Selection Committee, whose members are the vice-rectors of our partner universities. Selection is done from the group of applicants who have been accepted to the study at the university.
Schedule for applicants:
Applications for scholarship for academic year 2013/2014: December 2012 – 30th January 2013.
Applications for scholarship for academic year 2012/2013:
• December 2011 – 30th January 2012: submitting on-line applications for scholarship
• February – May 2012: submitting applications at universities (with help of project manager of scholarship programme)
• May – June 2011: entrance exams/interview at universities
• June 2012: choice of scholarship holders
Czech language:
It is expected that the applicants have sufficient knowledge of Czech language to be able to start studying in Czech right after their arrival in Brno.
The applicants who receive scholarship can attend course of Czech language at particular universities (price and number of lessons per week depend on chosen university) in Brno for the period of the first academic year, at some universities including final exam of Czech language.
Ivana Hamadová
tel. +420 602 602 054

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