Turkish Government 2013/2014 Scholarship For MSc and PHD For Developing countries

2013/2014 Scholarship For MSc and PHD For Developing countries :TURKISH GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP

Scholarships are available for international students (non-Turkish) to pursue a master’s and a doctorate in Turkish universities. Two scholarship programs: Ali Kuscu Science and Graduate Scholarships technology for science, engineering and technology and social sciences IbniHaldun Graduate Scholarships for studying the field of social sciences are available .

Applicants to doctoral programs must be born earlier 1 January 1978 and candidates for master’s programs at the earliest January 1, 1983. Registration deadline is March 31, 2013.

Ali Kuscu Science and Technology Graduate Scholarship offered to study in the fields of science, engineering and technology and social sciences IbniHaldun postgraduate scholarship to study in the social sciences .

REQUIREMENTS for this 2013/2014 Scholarship For MSc and PHD For Developing countries
– Applicants who have graduated or who are likely to graduate from an educational institution equivalent to that of Turkey in this university (university level degree for the master level) can apply to Scholarships in Turkey
– For applicants whose application Mastery: Those born earlier than 01.01.1983 and for candidates applying to PhD: Those born earlier than 01.01.1978
– It is planned to have some grade academic standards for each program level awards. There are specific minimum score for the program you are applying to the “assessment and selection” section.
– Students who are currently studying in Turkey are not allowed to apply at the level they are already studying
– Turkish citizens and people who have lost their Turkish nationality can not participate in this scholarship program.
– Turkey Scholarships are open to all citizens of countries that satisfy these conditions.

Scholarship program is available for non-Turkish citizens of all countries.

Duration of the scholarship for graduate studies (Master and PhD) is: 1 year language course + 1 year of Turkish scientific preparation (if applicable) + teaching time.

What is the coverage? Turkey grants consist of these options:
– Allocation: For master students and $ 423.75 per month for PhD students 565 USD per month
– Accommodation: Scholarship students in Turkey can stay in dormitories public university without paying any tax. Students who do not want to stay in the dormitories may use alternative accommodation on their own expenses.
– Tuition and Fees: The scholarship students in Turkey do not pay tuition or university fees for teaching.
– Health Expenditure: Scholarship students in Turkey are covered by public health insurance.
– Turkish Language Courses: Students take stock of Turkey Turkish language courses for one year if they do not have proof of the knowledge of the Turkish language. The scholarship students studying in Turkey other languages ‚Äč‚Äčinstead of Turkish origin must also take courses in Turkish language.
– Transport: Turkey Scholarship students will get some money for their travel expenses on first arrival and departure in Turkey after obtaining Turkey.
– Selection Criteria: The selection of candidates is made according to academic success and performance interview. Scholarships Turkey is a program based on academic achievement of the candidates.

Academic criteria Candidates will be evaluated according to these documents: Grade diploma, general average grade received until the last term, Grade University entrance examination (if applicable), High School Graduation Exam / Grade Bachelor (if applicable), International Test Score (if applicable) and other academic evaluation Note GPA: Candidates must have at least a master’s and doctoral applications and 75% for the applications of the School of Medicine 90% grade point average in their graduating year maximum.
Notification: Applicants will be invited for face-to-face or online. Information regarding interviews will be sent to the candidates e-mail addresses they used for the application. Selected students will be awarded a scholarship in the appropriate fields on the basis of the strength of candidates’ academic profile.
METHOD OF APPLICATION for the 2013/2014 Scholarship For MSc and PHD For Developing countries
VISIT: http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/index.php/en/turkiye-burslari/burs-programlari

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