1. Atangsiri N dab Nji Fobanjong

    Please I will be happy if this scholarship is being grande to me to go and study masters in public health.


  2. I feel this is a rare opportunity for prospective African students and on that note I say thank you to the Scholarship providers. I am hopeful that this will continue.
    On my own note, I am interested in Neglected Tropical Diseases(NTDs), particularly Schistosomiasis and Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis. Our recently concluded NTD mapping survey have revealed interesting results that require further research. I wish to use part of that data to write a Master thesis.


  3. I own masters in exercise physiology am I eligible to apply for the fellowship in public health. Thanks

  4. Gorline Saye Weh

    How can an applicant process his/her application? Can an applicant fill an
    application form on line? Can an applicant submit application through posting
    address? Please clarify.


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