ICFJ Early Childhood Development Fellowship

ICFJ Early Childhood Development Fellowship

The International Center for Journalists ( ICFJ ), in partnership with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and Fundação Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal, is recruiting for Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellows.

The goal of the fellowships is to improve news coverage of child health and form a global network of reporters covering this critically-important issue. This is the second of three groups of fellows that will be recruited over the next two years.

Interested in becoming an influencer and leader for children’s development in your country? If producing high quality reporting and solution-orientated stories about nutrition and early childhood development issues is one of your passions.

Then apply to this year-long fellowship, which will include two international reporting trips as well as continuing mentoring and several virtual webinars.


The Fellowship is open to journalists covering issues of child health and development for news outlets. Based in Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. An ideal candidate will have previous experience covering early childhood development issues. But journalists who currently cover health or nutrition-related topics and are interested in increasing their coverage of children’s issues can apply.

Successful applicants must be employed by a news outlet or have a commitment to publish/broadcast from a news outlet to participate. Applicants must be proficient in English. Stories submitted may be written in your native language; however, reporting project proposals must be submitted in English.

Selection criteria:
Selection is based on professional qualifications, relevant experience, previous reporting on childhood development, and demonstrated impact on policy or development issues.
Entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., U.S. Eastern time, Sunday, August 6, 2017

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