Scholarship for Africans by the Prince Michal of Kent and LSBF


The Emerging Markets Scholarship:
The scholarship is for international students to study in London, and the scholarship if between 1000 to 8000 pounds.

The applicants have to demonstrate how they plan t contribute to the economic development of the emerging market if they are given the scholarship.
The candidate must also have a history of good academic work
Should have proof that they can pay the remaining fees for the course
They should have already applied or should apply for a course at LSBF
You must be an international student, and you must not be living in the united kingdom

Note that this scholarship is for tuition only.
If you are interested in applying for this Scholarship, then visit their website at:


  1. I am student at makumira University, studying Theology.Iam 40yrs old and a father of three, two ladies and one son, all of them are schooling, by this time I am in second year doing BD which I am likely to finish years coming. since it has reached a point I will no long sport my self , I kindly request You to help me continue my studies I am still now in studies but with a lot of debtors for this year.that is all fees and accommodation I haven’t paid for year 2011/2012, which will end July this year.
    may the bless you all
    thanks in advance.

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