Scholarship for females in Africa (primary and secondary)


Scholarship for females in Africa (primary and secondary)

The ambassador’s girl’s scholarship program is offering scholarship to girls in primary and secondary schools in Africa. The organisation is offering more than eighty five thousand scholarships to Africans for a period of fifteen years.
The scholarship position is for candidates who are financially unable to pay their fees at the primary or secondary level (females).
Candidates who are orphans or who are HIV positive are at an advantage for this scholarship position. Candidates who wish to apply have to visit the sponsor’s website at:


  1. I need the scholarship because my mother who is a bread seller could not afford to send all of us to school again.After my father had divorce her since 2009, she could not continue to send four children to school as a result of her financial incapability.please, i want to further my education, i am in junior secondary school. I will be forever grateful if my application is consider. Thank you and God bless you.

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