Scholarship for third world countries


Eligibility: student must be from a third world country
Good knowledge of English
Candidates have to apply before the 1st of February 2011

For more information on this scholarship as well as how to apply, you can send an email to:
Scholarship website


  1. Dear Sir,

    My name is Nwankwo Okebugwu. l grew up as the 4th child in a family of six(6) children in a monogamous setting in a small and remote village of Umuekechi-Asa in Ukwa-west Local Government Area of Abia State,Nigeria.

    l am the ONLY prospective medical Doctor after the death in 2004 of the first Medical doctor we ever had(Dr Bethel Amauwah)in my village/community where ignorance,illiteracy,poverty and diverse diseases seat as a king.

    After secondary school,l enlisted into Igbinedion University Okada in Edo State,Nigeria to study Medicine and Surgery.I am in my 5th year of study,having just one more year to complete my university education.

    All these years l have pulled through to this level in my medical studies through family support.But following my father’s retirement from the Priesthood of United Evangelical Church in December,2010,l have not been able to pay my fees for this session(5th year)yet l have one more academic session(6th year) to round off the studies.Having gone thus far into the programme,l feel like finishing up the course.

    The prescribed fees for my course for this session is N713,800(Seven Hundred and thirteen thousand,eight hundred naira).

    In view of the above financial constraint,coupled with the University drive for the fees presently which may hinder the successful completion of my studies as a medical student,l wish to solicit for GRANT/SCHOLARSHIP from you or you introducing me to any organization that can help me to enable me pay up my school fees and become a qualified medical Doctor in a no distant future.

    I shall be prepared to give any further information that is available to me as my be demanded by you or any organization.

    I shall be grateful if my request is granted.

    Yours faithfully.


  2. Greetings from Hyderabad Pakistan
    I am serving as Pastor to very poor community to uplift the community Spiritualy and socially with limited resources I have three daughters elder daughter is doing BSIT,2nd daughter in 11th grade 3rd is in 8th grade.
    it is good to know about the schalorship for thirg world country
    Thanks for this appartunity that we can get and uplift our children.


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