Undergraduate Scholarships for Africans to study in UK Britain


University College London (UCL) and the Africa Educational Trust (AET)  have both come together to offer scholarship positions to African students who are not able to study in the United kingdom for financial reasons.
Requirements for this Scholarship position for Africans:
1.      The candidate must be from an African country and must be living in that country
2.     The candidates parents must also be living in Africa, or the person should be an orphan
3.     The candidate must be attending a school in Africa or must have completed school in African country
4.     The person should be financially unable to pay for undergraduate studies int he united kingdom.
The scholarship:
The scholarship consists of tuition and maintenance for the period of the students course of study. It also in includes travel fees for the candidate and an allowance for the candidates relatives to attend the persons graduation.
Deadline for this scholarship: 15 March
Candidates who wish to apply should visit the schools website at:


  1. My name is Geofrey Albert Katanga, im 22years by age, a Tanzanian, East Africa .I complited high level last year with alot of struggle but i performed well .As per now i would like to ask for an assistance to proceed with education. Am kindly requesting for scholarship in order to archieve the goals.This will help me to fulfill my dream of studying.
    Am hearing from you

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