Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme 2012


Deadline:30 April 2012

Nature of study:Master’s courses

Duration: 1year

CC: PG taught: Medical Genetics
CC: PG taught: Public Health
CC: PG taught: Human Nutrition
CC: PG taught: Global Economy
CC: PG taught: Mechatronics
CC: PG taught: Geoinformation Technology and Cartography
CC: PG taught: Environmental Statistics
CC: PG taught: Physics: Energy and the Environment
CC: PG taught: Physics: Global Security
CC: PG taught: International Law & Security (LLM)

Candidates of Commonwealth Shared Scholarship are normally expected to carry a primary degree at either first-class or higher second-class level.
Candidates of Commonwealth Shared Scholarship should certify in writing that they:

– are nationals of a Commonwealth developing country,
-and not at the present living or finding out in a very developed country;
– haven’t undertaken studies lasting one year or a lot of in a very developed country;
– are themselves, or through their families, unable to pay to check within the United Kingdom;
– can come to their home country as soon as their award involves an finish.

Candidates of Commonwealth Shared Scholarship are suggested that false declarations can cause a minimum of DFID’s share of the award to be terminated, though the course of study has started

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  1. With a first degree in hamanities from Nigeria in West Africa intending to study Global Economy, what are my chances.

  2. I have A̶̲̥̅ PGD in management from A̶̲̥̅ Nigeria University and I want to do A̶̲̥̅ master programme on Global Economy. What are my chances?

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