University of Bath International Scholarships for 2012


DEADLINE:Friday 29 June 2012


NATURE OF STUDY: Postgraduate

SPONSOR:University of Bath

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  1. Am a Nigerian, an african, career objective- to bean academist i have not obtain my first degree due to my country economic factor. i will be glad if am given a schorlaship to study in the university. Am a professional Chartered accountant.

  2. I am a nigerian by nationality,currently studying in nigeria,I have great enthusiasm as regards to western education.will be exhlrated to get a positive reply

  3. Am a nigerian ,a Bsc holder in estate management.I will be grateful,if I will be given this golden opportunity to do my master.

  4. thanks for hardwork you have been doing. am from uganda in east africa and highly interested to be part of you in the scholarship beneficiaries, but how do i do this? thanks, god bless you all.

  5. Am a Nigerian,a BSc holder.I have sincerely longed to study abroad.though I couldn’t land any opportunity for my first degree,am optimistic that I’l land a scholarship for my MSc.I look foward to your immense assistance and consideration,I don’t want to be based abroad;I just need an enhancement so I can improve my country..

  6. Dear Sir/Madam:

    I am a Liberian with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, University of Liberia. I want to earn master’s degree in any of the following disciplines;Confliction Resolution & Peace Studies, Demography, Social Policy, Natural Resources & Peace, International Human Rights Law & Security and International Relations.

    I will appreciate were you to provide scholarship opportunities to master in any above mentioned field of studies. With such knowledge/education, I think Liberia,Africa and the World can positively be transformed.

    Truly yours,


  7. I am Nino a congolese from Eastern of DRC, a BSC holder. my dream is to study abroad in an english speaking country. My family conditions would not enable me. Thanks a lot for your assistance and help.

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