Current scholarship positions at indian council of medical research for Indians April 2012


Applications from Indian biomedical scientists for the international fellowships is currently avaialable for the year 2012-2013.

Number of fellowships available for india: Young scientists-12; Senior scientists-6

Duration for this scholarship positions: 3-6 months for young scientists and 10-15 days for senior scientists

Eligibility for this scholarship position:

  • Candidiates should posses an M.D/PhD degree with at      least three years teaching/research experience for young scientists.
  • For senior scientists, they must have a minimum of  least fifteen years teaching/research      experience.
  • Should currently be in Regular position in a recognized      biomedical/research/health institution in India.
  • Candidites must be Below 45 years of age for young and      55 years for senior scientists.

The deadline for apply for this scholarship is the 30th of April. Visit the link below to apply for this scholarship

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