Tata Africa Program Graduate Scholarships for African students 2013

Tata Africa Program Graduate Scholarships for African students 2013 Description
The Tata Group comprises over 100 operating companies with operations in more than 80 countries on six continents.

Tata Africa Holdings operate in a number of African countries: Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Tata Africa Holdings initiated projects to improve the quality of life of the communities in which it operates. He is involved in various educational initiatives that enable beneficiaries, enable sustainable livelihoods and give them the opportunity to become leaders in industry and government.

The company has partnered with a number of universities in South Africa to support graduate students who need financial need and demonstrate academic competence, the Tata Graduate Scholarship. Grants have been in existence since 2006 and has grown from strength to strength over the years.

Through the Women in Science, Tata Africa contributes to national objectives to increase the pool of women scientists in much needed areas of research.

Eligibility for the Tata Africa Program Graduate Scholarships for African students 2013
Scholarships are awarded to deserving students financially constrained but for graduate studies in a wide range of specialties: the range of engineering disciplines to the mining, architecture, digital arts, law, chemistry , mathematics, nursing and pharmacy.

Particular attention will be given to students who are in financial difficulty and have proven experience during their academic years of graduate study.

Eligible groups for the Tata Africa Program Graduate Scholarships for African students 2013
For African students

Participating institutions for the Tata Africa Program Graduate Scholarships for African students 2013
Approved universities in South Africa.

Since 2006, the number of universities has increased benefit and the number of scholarships awarded each year 10 to 40.

In 2013, two African universities will be included in the scholarship program to reflect the footprint more the Tata Group in Africa. In addition, Tata Africa has partnered with the Department of Science and Technology in South Africa to support the research endeavors of African women in science and technology.

Fields of Study
Price Tata Africa Scholarships are awarded for graduate study at the master’s or doctorate. Scholarships are not specific to faculty, which means a wide range of candidates can be supported in several academic areas.

Number of scholarships
The program has benefited 137 students from disciplines such as engineering, mining, nursing, pharmacy, law, architecture and much more.

Last year, 1,988 applications were received, a record number of applications for graduate school. Of the 40 scholarships awarded each year, three scholarships are awarded to Tata Africa Women and science scholarships function that is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Benefits scholarships
Each scholarship is valued at R50000.

The scholarship provides tuition for students, books, accommodation and allowances throughout the year. This allows students to concentrate on their studies without having to find an extra job to cover financial expenses during their academic year. As these students come from a background in financial difficulty, which has ensured that they remain full-time students and their schools under the direction of their mentors they graduate at the end of the year .

Scholarships Postgraduate Tata enabled recipients to excel academically and become frontrunners in their respective fields. So far, Tata Africa has spent more than R10 million to this initiative.

Scholarship recipients are not binding contract to Tata Group, which allows candidates to pursue their chosen specializations.

Application Method
A call for nominations is made by the participating universities.

Universities follow a rigorous selection process for awarding these scholarships. Applications are reviewed by a panel of academics, university each filter all applicants and makes recommendations to Tata.

Please note:
Application forms must be completed by the student personally. Criteria and information required is set out in the Application Form.

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