Pegge MSc Scholarship for International Students 2013/2014


Pegge MSc Scholarship for International Students 2013/2014
Thanks to a generous donation from former Sussex Andrew Pegge, Pegge the scholarship is awarded annually to graduate students taking the control systems scalable and adaptive. The scholarship is open to all and awarded on merit, the award committee has the discretion under the circumstances, whether maintenance costs, over prices or fees only.
Type of award
Masters graduate, Contribution to the maintenance and / or waiver of tuition.

UK / Europe (not UK) / International (non UK / EU).

All candidates for the MSc EASY will automatically be considered for the scholarship.

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  1. Nsumbu Area Management Unit,
    Zambia Wildlife Authority,
    P.O. Box 490076,
    +26 (0) 975 822 189
    +26 (0) 977 422 586


    Re: Sponsorship to attend MSc-Programme “Management of Protected Areas”

    My 21 years of experience as Wildlife and Area Warden, my academic record, and my achievements in the field of wildlife conservation and management have enabled me to acquire admission to the MSc-Programme “Management of Protected Areas” at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria (see attached admission form).
    To date I have developed strong individual and team work skills and I am highly dedicated and enjoy my current position as Area Warden.
    Various training programmes in Zambia, and international studies in the KwaZulu Natal University of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, have afforded me a better understanding and the required tools to develop and implement programmes for the conservation of Zambian Wildlife. This has included the training to include cultural aspects, and the role for communities to understand and participate in sustainable wildlife conservation.
    My goal is to receive the required education in order to be a driving force in the conservation and wildlife of Zambia’s environment. In order to achieve this, I must attain the “Management of Protected Areas” degree at the University of Klagenfurt.
    The Klagenfurt MSc Programme is both crucial and relevant to my country’s conservation issues and needs, and the program’s modules are especially tailored to the needs of my current occupation.
    Furthermore, the opportunity for multicultural exchange with conservationist from other parts of the world is a valuable aspect not to be underestimated.
    My admission for 2014 has already been accepted and granted at 12,400 tuition fee for two years duration. Nevertheless my position demands that I seek sponsorship to assist towards course fees, international travel, local travel, visa and accommodation. The following is the summary of my study schedule:
    Referring to my participation agreement, the tuition fee for taking part in the M.Sc. “Management of Protected Area” is due on 15th December 2013. I therefore kindly ask you if I am considered for scholarship to transfer 12,400 (tuition fee) to the following Bank Account:
    Bank: Raiffeisenlandesbank, Karnten, BIC: RZKTAT2K, Bank code No.: 39000
    Account holder: Universitat Klagenfurt – Einnahmen und 27
    Account Number: 2.515.039
    IBAN: AT42 3900 0000 0251 5039
    Pleases quote “Innenauftrag: AL1243000803, Kurzbezeichnung: ULG Protected Area SS 12- WS/14”when transferring the payment.
    The study period for said degree is two years, however, the University classified my application as “high potential” and therefore University quite substantially made exemptions from taking some modules. However, the €12,400 only covers the University fees. Additionally travel and accommodation there in Klagenfurt are to be covered. A minimum to be there in Klagenfurt would be for Modules 2-6 and 8; I might skip module 7, so I would – besides module 1- be in Klagenfurt from end of May 2014 until Sept. 2015 and in Jan 2016, summing up to at least 16 month in Austria, the costs are estimated with some € 550/month bringing the amount to €8,800, while stipend and accommodation amount to €15,200, air travel costs €4,000 to and from Austria which brings the grand total to €34,600.
    I would be very grateful if your organisation could contribute to the sponsorship I require to fulfill the studies to assist towards our dream of a better Zambia. I strongly feel that my actions to support the continued survival of wildlife from Zambia have a great impact on the world around us.
    May I invite you to contact me or any of my references for further discussions on phone Number: +260 975 822 189 0r +260 977 422 586 or by email: Alternatively, you can also contact my referees named Dirk & Marie Nicasi on email:, and also the Dr. Michael at the University of Klagenfurt at: and his mobile number: +43 676 602 96 08 or Caroline Stuchetz on, University Klagenfurt, Austria.
    Yours in anticipation of your support
    Kindest Regards

    Isaac Kashitu

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