2013 Scholarship for ugandan students


2013 Scholarship for ugandan students

Makerere University College of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHU), established the consequences of chronic trauma, injury and disability in Uganda ( MU-JHU-chronic TRIAD) program. The goal of the program is to strengthen research capacity on long-term health and economic consequences of trauma, injury and disability in life in Uganda.

Course announcement:

The program announces the availability of scholarships for those who seek to continue and complete the research training in trauma, injury and disability through the Master in Public Health (MPH-Fulltime) program at the Makerere University School of Public Health. It is expected that students in this program will become future leaders in research injury, trauma and handicap and practice in the university sector, non-governmental and public in Uganda.

2013 Scholarship for ugandan students Eligibility:

Are eligible for these scholarships must receive an offer of acceptance into the master’s program at the university enrollment in August 2013 (academic year 2013/2014).


Candidates are required to submit a personal statement that summarizes past training and experience, interest in trauma, injury and disability, and future goals in the field of trauma, injury and disability. This statement should not exceed two A4 pages (12 points). Interested candidates must apply separately for admission to full-time program at Makerere University School of Public Health MPH.


The MU-JHU chronic TRIAD program will accept applications for these grants between 28 January 2013 and close 28th February 2013 for university admission in August 2013/2014.

2013 Scholarship for ugandan students Contact:

Applications should be addressed to:


Makerere University School of Public Health

Paper copies of applications / proposals must be submitted to the Dean’s Office, Level 2, MakSPH Building, New Mulago Hospital Complex, alternately electronic applications should be sent to chronic-triad@musph.ac.ug


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