1. please I have a question for the administration of knust.I just completed Pong Tamale SHS this year.I am a brilliant but needy child.I offered general arts and had the following results;social studies A1 core maths B3 english C5 science B3 government B3 economics B3 geography A1 e-maths B3.My parents are poor and cannot afford the cost of tetiary education.Just recently I had information from a colleague of mine that our school has been given admission by your authority to six brilliant but needy students of our school to study various courses in your school.I don`t know what happened I been the second highest of my school in the 2013 WAEC exams,I was not selected.Please I really need your support to acquire tertiary education.Please help me out of this frustration.I actually want to go to school this year.Hope to hear from you.Contact my school Pong Tamale SHS for any information about me and my qualification.Thank you.

  2. Bawa Mohammed Tajuddeen

    I am a student from Pong Tamale SHS


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