2013 Scholarship for Developing countries : Georg Forster Scholarships


2013 Scholarship for Developing countries from Georg Foster

Price Georg Forster Research interest MADE OF ACHIEVEMENTS recognition of a non-EC Whole researcher casting day academic disciplines WHICH ALL Fundamental discoveries, new theories, ideas ou Had Significant Impact on non-Luer own discipline and Beyond and Who should a developer continuator Research-based solutions to specific challenges that face transition to the police and the Developing Countries.

Candidates must be nationals of developing countries UN e transition (with the exception of China and India. Cf. detailed list of countries). Outraged by the time of the application, THEY should Have had Luer residence and place of work in a payroll at CES since Less than five years.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation particularly they encourage the nomination of female researchers qualifies.

The amount of the scholarship is 60,000 euros one. In Germany, research grants are generally exempt from tax in the window of German tax law.

Outraged by the Winners are inviting a non Conduct project research Their Choice, Germany, in collaboration with non Narrow Colleague specialist. The duration of the project six environments TWELVE MOIS may be divided segments fr. Outraged by the additional dépenses (tells what courses ll travel the language) are covered In the framework of the invitation to Stay in Germany fins research. Pour support collaboration, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation may not Allow additional funding of up to € 25,000 UP, Including casting attend conferences Scientists, additional material resources, for example, Literature and Scientific Equipment Specialized pour the applicant’s own institute, So What to involve casting junior researchers.

Employed by a university academic ESTABLISHED June ou non Research Institute in Germany must take the initiative of the UN proposing candidates for the Price Georg Forster Research. Nominations may be the winners aussi initiated by the Humboldt Foundation Working at L’Etranger, provided que la candidature together with interest presenteeism Colleague not work in Germany. Self-nomination is NOT possible.

In 2013, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Grant UP Four Georg Forster Research Fellowships.

How to apply for the 2013 Scholarship for Developing countries, click here

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