2015 Scholarships for Women in Aviation


International Civil Aviation Organization Aviation Scholarship

With the objective of enhancing the development of women in aviation, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in conjunction with the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA), is offering an Aviation Scholarship for a professional woman in aviation. Candidates who are selected for the ICAO-IAWA Aviation Scholarship will be able to augment their professional experience in aviation by working on and contributing to specific aspects of the ICAO work programme at the international level for a period of nine months. IAWA is supporting ICAO in its efforts to promote the development of women in aviation by providing voluntary contributions and by assisting in identifying women in aviation who meet the requirements for the ICAO-IAWA Aviation Scholarship.


 An advanced university degree (Masters’ level or equivalent), in an aviation-related discipline
 A minimum of two years of experience in supporting technical work of an international aviation or aerospace organization, a civil aviation authority, or similar related organization.
 Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of any other of the following ICAO languages is an asset: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish. DETAILS OF ASSIGNMENTS
Selected candidates will work under the guidance of experienced professionals in the Air Navigation Bureau at the ICAO Headquarters in Montreal.
The Air Navigation Bureau manages the Safety and Infrastructure strategies of ICAO in a partnership with aviation stakeholders. The Bureau develops and maintains the Global Aviation Safety Plan and the Global Air Navigation Plan. These are put into action by the Bureau, in collaboration with the seven ICAO Regional Offices located throughout the world, as well as through Regional Aviation Safety Groups (RASGs) and Regional Planning and Implementation Groups (PIRGs) both of which include States and Aviation Partners from within a defined region of the world.
Illustrative examples of areas of work and responsibilities which will be assigned are shown below, depending on the profiles of the selected candidates. The selected candidate will support activities related to the promotion of women in aviation, including, for example, the Annual ICAO-IAWA Connect event.
Sharing of safety information to improve safety
The sharing of various types of safety-related information facilitates transparency, promotes a consistent and fact-based response to safety concerns at the State, regional and global levels, and enhances coordination and cooperation of safety monitoring and assistance activities. Depending on qualifications and experience, the selected candidate may:
 Develop and/or update safety analyses and studies shared with ICAO;
 Support the development of safety briefs;
 Develop a mechanism to monitor the targets contained in the ICAO Plan of Actions; and/or
 Analyze and assist in the validation of information shared with ICAO for monitoring purposes.
Runway Safety Teams (RSTs)
ICAO has been called upon by the international civil aviation community to exercise leadership in the effort to reduce the number of runway-related accidents and incidents worldwide. Lead by ICAO, Runway Safety Programme Partners work together on a series of concrete measures to minimize the risks of runway incursions, runway excursions and other events linked to runway safety. Depending on qualifications and experience, the selected candidate may:
 Support the establishment and promotion of multidisciplinary Runway Safety Teams;
 Support the development and promotion of tools and mechanisms intended to monitor the progress being made in mitigating runway-related risks; and/or
 Support the planning, coordination and conduct of runway safety seminars.
Safety Management
The increasing complexity of the aviation system requires the use of a risk-based approach to identify safety issues and assess safety risks that may exist within a compliant system. Safety management provides a proactive approach to analyze data and develop strategies to control safety risks that exist in the aviation system. Depending on qualifications and experience, the selected candidate may:
 Support the promotion and implementation of safety management systems (SMS) and the State safety programmes (SSP);
 Analyze data to support a determination of criteria for high risk accident categories;
 Support the definition of metrics and analysis methods used in identifying safety risks; and/or
 Support the implementation strategy for the protection of safety information provisions.
Aviation Safety Block Upgrades (ASBUs)
An Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) designates a set of improvements that can be implemented globally from a defined point in time to enhance the performance of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) System. Each module is a deployable package (performance) or capability. A module will offer an understandable performance benefit, related to a change in operations, supported by procedures, technology, regulation/standards as necessary, and a business case. A module will be also characterized by the operating environment within which it may be applied. In turn, a block is made up of modules that when combined enable significant improvements and provide access to benefits. Depending on qualifications and experience, the selected candidate may:
 Support in the development of ICAO provisions and guidance material to support ASBUs;
 Analyze technical reports, and prepare technical synopses in support of ASBUs; and/or
 Assist in the preparation of technical reports and the development of findings.
Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP)
NGAP initiative was launched to develop strategies, best practices, tools, standards and guidelines to facilitate information sharing activities that assist the global aviation community in attracting, training, educating, and retaining the next generation of aviation professionals. An NGAP task force has been established and will be supported by ICAO safety partners for the development and implementation of the NGAP programme. Depending on qualifications and experience, the selected candidate may:
 Support the development of a communication strategy for the NGAP programme;
 Develop and establish a data-gathering system and the forecasting of staffing needs for aviation professionals; and/or
 Support in the preparation of tools, training materials and job aids.
 Duration of assignment: nine months
 Living expenses: a monthly stipend of USD 2,000 will be provided to assist the selected candidate in covering living expenses in Montreal
 Visa: If required, a letter will be provided by ICAO to selected candidates to assist in obtaining entry visa to Canada (where applicable).
 Medical insurance: the selected candidate will be required to provide proof of medical coverage for the duration of the Aviation Scholarship.
 Travel costs: the selected candidate is required to cover all costs related to travel to Montreal.

If you are interested in being considered for an Aviation Scholarship for nine months at ICAO, you are invited to submit an online application at ICAO’s e-Recruitment website at https://careers.icao.int .
Deadline for application is 27 February 2015.
1) Posting of announcement: 15 January 2015
2) Closing date for applications: 27 February 2015
3) Notification to candidates of outcome of their application: 30 April 2015
4) Reporting date to Montreal of Selected Candidate: 1 September 2015
5) Duration of Aviation Scholarship: Nine months

For details and to apply visit the following links: https://careers.icao.int/wd/plsql/wd_portal_cand.login?p_web_site_id=3325&p_web_page_id=208699&p_ccp_path=APPLY&p_workflow_id=




  1. I’m Uwamwezi Francoise working as Senior supervisor Aeronautical Information service(AIS) in Rwanda civil Aviation Authority. I have been working in this office about 20 years. i have bachelor degree in Science administration i also did all courses concerning communication Aviation and AIS.
    I Speak french and English i therefore take this opportunity to apply the scholarship in your organization.

    Best regards!

    Uwamwezi Francoise

  2. I am working at the Airport in department of Meteorology with experience of 14 years, 5 years working in observation then now am working as a forecaster. i have different certificates in meteo and aviation, quality management system and safety management system.
    ROSE G

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