2015 Tertiary Scholarships for Ghanaian Students


TEST for GHANA/TEST for AFRICA are delighted to announce two fully funded Scholarships will be awarded from 2015 onwards at KNUST for undergraduate studies in both Land Economy and Real Estate. These will be made financed thanks to the generosity of two alumni of KNUST, Abdul-Razak Saeed and Dansoaa Siaw-Misa. Saeed is a Trustee of both TEST for AFRICA and TEST for GHANA, and Dansoaa is a Collateral Management Analyst at Ghana Home Loans Ltd..The Scholarships will be known as Misa & Lardie Scholarship Fund. The fund is the first step towards their joint dream of sponsorship and mentoring students in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence.


Application forms can be downloaded online on www.testforghana.com or can be obtained from any students financial aid office at all participating Ghanaian public tertiary institutions (Universities and polytechnics). Application forms need to be completed IN FULL, being as detailed as possible. Completed application forms should be submitted to the student financial aid office of the student’s institution or posted to TEST for Ghana through our postal address (TEST for Ghana, C/O Bureau of Ghana Languages, P. O. Box 1851, Accra). All renewals and applications from continuing students should reach TEST for Ghana not later than Tuesday 30th June 2015.


First year students who are still awaiting their admission letters can submit their application forms directly to TEST for Ghana before Monday August 31st 2015, indicating clearly the institution applied to and that admission letters are yet to be received. Once admission letters are received these should be mailed directly by EMS or DHL to TEST for Ghana, C/O Bureau of Ghana Languages, P. O. Box 1851, Accra, indicating the name of the applicant and institution for easy reference. All applicants who have been successful will be informed by e-mail, so ensure that all email addresses are clearly written and functional. Payments will be made to awardees’ institutions in their favour, after a confirmed acceptance of the award has been received. This could be done either by email or by post. The amount each scholar will be awarded shall be communicated to him/her by e-mail. Award values will differ based on a person’s need. As a result, both full and partial scholarships will be awarded accordingly.


Due to the large numbers of applications received every year, we are unable to write to each unsuccessful applicant and so if latest by the end of November 2015 you have not received communication from TEST for Ghana, then consider your application not successful in this instance. You can, however, re-apply the next time applications are called for.


NB: TEST for Ghana Scholarships are not automatically renewed. Students need to have made considerable progress in their academic work, and their need status is re-assessed annually. Each TEST for Ghana beneficiary, once awarded a scholarship for the first time, will need to fill out and submit a renewal form every academic year through the same process indicated. These renewal forms have to be accompanied by evidence that the student’s financial situation has not changed. This can be done by submitting pay slips of parents or legal guardians as evidence. The most up to date academic transcript also needs to be submitted along with the renewal form. Scholarships of beneficiaries who fail to renew will not be paid as they would be deemed as no longer in need of the financial support and their places would be offered to other equally deserving students


FOR ENQUIRIES AND FURTHER INFORMATION: send an e-mail to test4ghana@gmail.com or call on 0503133975.





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