2015 Indonesian Government Scholarships for Students From Developing Countries


Scholarship Name: Developing Countries Partnership Program on Scholarship

Brief description: The Indonesian Government is offering scholarships for international students from developing countries to study for Masters in various courses at Indonesia Universities in 2015

Accepted Subject Areas?

Agricultural Sciences, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Social Sciences and Sciences

About Scholarship

The Developing Countries Partnership Program on Scholarship or Beasiswa KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang) is offered for the Master Degree Program at one of 12 prominent Universities in Indonesia for 3 years period. The program has been offered, since 2002, to the Master Degree candidates from the developing countries all around the world. By 2009, there would be 476 students from 42 countries who had been awarded the scholarship. The programme aim to Promote a deeper cultural understanding among developing countries; Strengthen the relationship and to initiate the mutual cooperation among developing countries; and Actively contribute to the development of human resource quality

Scholarship Offered Since: 2002

Scholarship Type: Full sponsored scholarship

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Maximum of age is 35 years old;
  • Posses a bachelor degree or equivalent;
  • Have a TOEFL score of 450 or equivalent;
  • Submit completed application form; and
  • Must be nominated by the Indonesian Embassy;

Number of Scholarships: Several

Scholarship Benefit

  • Living Allowance
  • Research and book allowances (will be given during the Master Program)
  • Health insurance
  • Round trip international ticket

Duration of sponsorship

  • 8 months of Indonesian Language Program
  • 4 months of Preparatory Program
  • 24 months (4 semesters) of Master Programs

Eligible Countries: Developing Countries

To be taken at (country): Scholarships will be taken at the following universities in Indonesia;

  • Institut Pertanian Bogor – www.ipb.ac.id
  • Institut Teknologi Bandung – www.itb.ac.id
  • Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November – www.its.ac.id
  • Universitas Airlangga – www.unair.ac.id
  • Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta – www.uajy.ac.id
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada – www.ugm.ac.id
  • Universitas Negeri Malang – www.um.ac.id
  • Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta – www.uny.ac.id
  • Universitas Padjadjaran – www.unpad.ac.id
  • Universitas Parahyangan – www.unpar.ac.id
  • Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia – www.upi.edu
  • Universitas Sebelas Maret – www.uns.ac.id

Application Deadlines: The application process will be commenced February to April 15th

Offered annually? Yes

How to Apply

If you meet the requirement for this scholarship, Visit the Indonesian embassy in your country for enquiries on how to apply for nomination letter. Also contact the university of your choice in Indonesia for further guidance.

Required Documents

  • A nomination Letter from the Indonesian Embassy;
  • A nomination letter from the respective government official;
  • 2 (two) Academic Recommendation Letters;
  • A scanned passport or birth certificate;
  • A scanned bachelor certificate and academic transcript (in English) ;
  • A scanned TOEFL score certificate obtained within the last 2 Years;
  • A scanned Medical Statement;
  • Photograph.


  1. Maximum age is 35 years old
  2. Possess a bachelor degree
  3. Not a Master Degree Holder
  4. Have a TOEFL score of 500 or equivalent
  5. Complete the on-line application form
  6. He/she must be recommended by the Indonesian embassy in the respective country
  7. He/she must be in a good health proved by an official medical statement from authorized medical practitioner

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Sponsors: Indonesian Government

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