1. joash clive

    Salutes to you friends.

    I need. Your help


  2. Iam grateful for the offer,by Oxford University.
    though. Not yet considered,to have worn. A scholarship.
    hope to be part of the big University.thanks

  3. Joash Clive

    Thanks. Soo much Oxford University board.
    hopping. To gain your favour in consideration of the offered. Scholarship.

    1. noel

      my friend iwanted to ask that did u arleady found aplace at oxford?

  4. abubakar

    thanks for giving us the opportunity for scholarship.

    hope my application will be consider.

  5. Comfort

    its really an awesome opportunity, i really will love to study in oxford in 2016 but am alittle late,maybe next time. Thanks a million

  6. Ademola

    Thanks …anyone can add up via whats app @ +2348112021574 .. we may have meaningful things to share ….

  7. precious

    Plz can I still apply and he can I apply plz really need this

  8. sandra

    it’s really awesome. I must remember 15th Oct of next year. I really want to study in Oxford university irrespective of my family background.

  9. Ahmad muhammad bello

    I am ahmad muhammad bello from nigeria. I really want to become a student at oxford university. Please help me.

    1. Cha Cha

      Mr Bello, we only work to link the schools with the applicants and have no say in the selection process. However, if you meet all the eligibility requirements and apply on time, we believe you have a good chance of been accepted. Thanks and we wish you the best!!!

  10. Amarachi

    please i really want to be one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship in oxford university, and i don’t know how to go about me, please can any body put through the procedures… thank you


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