Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Grants for International PhD students


The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust was set up to stimulate growth in Third  World countries. It aims to achieve this by providing grants to charitable organisations involved in projects supporting the interests of the Trust, and also to individual students who are undertaking a gap year or studying for a PhD.

Applications for either a gap year or PhD grant are considered on a rolling basis and as such applicants should apply either before the beginning of the proposed gap year or at least three months before the start of the final year of a PhD course.

An electronic application succinctly describing the required information should be filled. Please NOTE that applicants are NOT allowed to extend the length of the forms, or add any attachments. Applications MUST NOT exceed 3 pages using text size 12. All applications by email will be acknowledged and a decision will usually be given within three months of the application

Full information about the scholarship can be found at: Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Website



  1. A Universityin South Africa
    has agreed to take me for PhD Public Health with research topic Community Participation: Tool for Evidence-Based Infant and Child Mortality Reduction in Nigeria.

    The school requested that I should update them with funding prospect for the research aspects.

    Please kindly advise on whether I can seek funding from your Trust.

    I am a Nigerian and live in Nigeria at present.


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