2016 Oprah Winfrey African Women Public Service Fellowship at the New York University

The New York University Wagner Institution announces a call for applications for the African Women Public Service Fellowship. The programmeis sponsored by the Oprah Winfrey Foundation. The Fellowship offers postgraduate master and executive master level support to eligible women from Africa. The fellowship expands the opportunity and makes it possible for these women to attend the New York University Wagner Institution, which offers an exceptional program to help women expand their Public Service in their home countries. 
Application guidelines, eligibility and other information can be found here


  1. I have done the application for NYU based on this but was informed by the admission officer that the offer is for 2017 is it true

    • That is most likely correct. The admission process, though, usually starts 6 to 9 months earlier. I advice you begin your application ontime so that you would hardly experience any delays

  2. i am an african women seeking scholarsh to advance my studies i am currently not working its been 6yrs now out of job iam undergraduate and I need assitance to further my studies no parents no job please help

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