2016 Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship for International Students to study in Australia


The Austrialian Government have announced the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship for International Students. It is in collaboration with Universities or Higher Educations Institutions in Australia.

The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship provides financial support for international applicants. It is to undertake a postgraduate qualification at a Masters or PhD level either by coursework or research in any field in Australia. The scholarship can last for up to four years.

Benefits of the scholarship include the following.

  • Travel allowance ($AUD 3,000).
  • Establishment allowance ($AUD 4,000).
  • Monthly stipend ($AUD 3,000; up to maximum programme duration on a pro-rata basis).
  • Health and travel insurance.
  • Tuition fees paid up to the maximum study/research duration on a pro-rata basis (includes student service and amenities fees).

More information can be accessed here


  1. its a wonderful chance for me to be here, and with due respect i give total glory to the UN-created creator {ALLAH}, as well-as commend the effort of each and every participant of this honorary mission, i seek the creator to exchange with his abundant reward. Amiiiiiiin……
    It will in fact be of more pleasure to me, if i and others from my vicinity here could be of the beneficiaries. though, i {the writter} will only request for MASTERS programme of the fact that am manageably running my UNDER-GRADUATE at present, which aims to come to an end months to come.
    It shall play a vital role in me and at the same time makes me glad. if my request showed a well grant….. thanks
    Yours faithfully,
    Mohammed Ibrahim

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