2016 Conestoga College International Priority Program Student Scholarships


The Conestoga College in Canada has announced the values the Conestoga College International Priority Program Student Scholarships as part of its contribution to the growth of international students to the College community. They  are designed for students applying to a full-time diploma or degree program and who meet the academic requirements for their intended program of study at Conestoga.

Students must be a citizen of a country other than Canada and hold a valid study permit for the period of study.

Successful candidates are eligible to receive one scholarship from each category. Applicants will be ranked based on highest academic average for the program to which they apply but they must be registered full-time to be eligible.

To guarantee equal consideration, students must submit the scholarship application and confirm and pay in accordance with the deadlines for the semester of admission (fees due dates for deposit and semester tuition).

The Conestoga College International Priority Program Student Scholarships involves:

  • $1,000 awarded to new students enrolled in priority programs (see 2016/17 list below).
  • Eligible applicants will be ranked based on program admission requirements (highest academic average)

Priority programs are

  1. Accounting, Audit, and Information Technology (Bachelor of Business Administration) (Co-op)
  2. Advertising and Marketing Communications
  3. Biotechnology Technician Fast Track (those holding a BSc degree will be eligible for direct admission into year 3 of the Bachelor of Environmental Public Health upon completing the Biotechnology Technician Fast Track Diploma)
  4. Computer Application Security
  5. Design (Bachelor of) (Honours) (Co-op)
  6. Enhanced Nursing Practice – Clinical and Critical Care
  7. Enhanced Professional Practice – Gerontology and Chronic Illness
  8. Information Technology Business Analysis Operations
  9. Information Technology Network Security
  10. Integrated Marketing Communications
  11. International Business Management (Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Co-op)
  12. Network Engineering Systems Administration
  13. Packaging Engineering Technician (Fast Track)
  14. Process Quality Engineering


Additional information can be found here

For more information on scholarships and their required qualifications, please contact internationaladmissions@conestogac.on.ca.

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