Pew Law Center $1,000 Scholarship for College Students


As attorneys who practice bankruptcy law, we know that the work we do has an impact on the lives of everyday Americans. We help individuals who are feeling financially overwhelmed file for bankruptcy protection under the law and reorganize their finances. In many ways, these individuals get a fresh start in life thanks to bankruptcy. They get a chance to clear their debts, rebuild their credit and dream afresh about the life they now have the ability to construct from the ground up with their loved ones.

When Lawrence “D” Pew opened the doors to the Pew Law Center, he had the vision of a law firm that not only provided an exceptional quality of legal representation to clients facing significant financial setbacks, but also gave back to the community, particularly to support hard-working students and struggling entrepreneurs.

What you need to know about the scholarship

So, if you are passionate about helping others like we are, and are a hard-working college student looking for a little break, we welcome you to apply for this scholarship. We are happy to provide the Pew Law Center’s $1,000 scholarship to one deserving law student. Those planning to submit their application for this scholarship should include information including:

  • First and last name
  • Mailing address with scholarship application submission
  • Phone number with area code
  • Email address

The award recipient can expect to receive the scholarship money 30-90 days after the deadline date. By agreeing to participate in this scholarship, you are giving the Pew Law Center full consent to contact you by mail, phone and e-mail. If you are granted the scholarship, you are also giving us your permission to use your first and last name, law school, university and your submitted law essay on our website or for any promotional purposes without any further compensation or payment to you. If you would prefer us to use a specific photograph, please send that to us with your submission. If you win the scholarship, you will also be responsible for the payment of any taxes that may be due as a result of receiving the scholarship.


You are eligible to apply if you are a student who is currently attending or enrolled at a state-accredited law school or an undergraduate degree program at an accredited college or American University. Please provide proof of current college attendance such as transcripts from your college or university.

Please write an essay of up to 2,000 words on the following topic:

Student loan debt is crushing young people today. The average class of 2015 graduate with student loan debt will have to pay back a little over $35,000, according to government data. Today, student loans constitute the second largest form of consumer debt right behind home mortgages. Currently, the law does not allow student loans to be discharged in a bankruptcy? Do you think that should change? Why or why not?

How to Apply

Please send your essay as a Microsoft Word document. We’ll take the following factors into consideration while evaluating your essay and determining the winner:

  • A strong understanding of the issue about which you are writing.
  • Quality of writing including clarity, grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Creativity and originality. Do not repeat what you saw or read elsewhere and do not plagiarize material. If plagiarism is detected in your work, you will be immediately disqualified.
  • The passion you show for pursuing a career in law.
  • Make sure you research the subject carefully. Remember that bankruptcy laws vary by state.

In order to be eligible, you must be a resident of the United States. We are open to applicants of all academic levels and to applicants of all ages. You may also be a full-time or part-time student in order to qualify. We don’t require a minimum GPA for you to qualify for this scholarship.

Submissions should be sent via mail or email to:

Pew Law Center, PLLC
1811 South Alma School Road, Suite 260
Mesa, AZ 85210

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