2018 AMENDS Summit at Oxford University

2018 AMENDS Summit at Oxford University
2018 AMENDS Summit at Oxford University

The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS’) mission is to create a platform for promising youth leaders whose work impacts the Middle East, North Africa and United States to share and grow their initiatives.Therefore, they are pleased to announce 2018 AMENDS Summit at Oxford University

During the conference, we provide delegates opportunities to develop key skills, network and collaborate with established leaders, experts, and fellow change makers, and share the story of their initiatives with a wider audience after receiving coaching and editing support.

Delegates are selected based on the impact and the level of their dedication to promoting change in the MENA region and/or in U.S.- MENA relations and the potential for their initiative to have an impact. AMENDS will also heavily consider the past experiences and backgrounds of each delegate that will enable him/her to contribute a unique perspective to the conference, in order to ensure a rich, diverse group of delegates.

Due to the visa-related risks posed by U.S. President Trump’s travel ban, the 2017 AMENDS conference was held at the Stanford House in Oxford, United Kingdom rather than its usual location at Stanford University in the United States. Given the continued uncertainty surrounding the travel ban’s implementation and lawfulness, the 2018 AMENDS Summit will once again be held in Oxford, United Kingdom.

This year, our annual summit will be held from June 28 to July 2 at Oxford University.


Applicants must:

  • be 18 – 28 years old.
  • have innovative ideas and well thought-out initiatives that could effect positive change in the world.
  • have initiatives addressing political, social, or economic issues affecting the Middle East.
  • demonstrate the potential to further understanding and influence American-Middle Eastern affairs.


Accepted delegates will:

  • Present a 10-12 minute recorded talk about their initiative at the AMENDS conference. Hosted on our channel, these talks have been viewed by over 70,000 people. Below is one of our signature AMENDS talks from this past year:
  • Attend a networking dinner.
  • Receive financial and logistical assistance with flights and visas to and from the 2018 AMENDS conference. Accommodations and food will be provided.
  • Attend skill-building workshops on topics such as: design thinking, crowdfunding, and leadership development.
  • Join and take leadership in the AMEND Fellows Network, a self-sustaining network of 160+ former delegates. For the past 3 years, a separate reunion conference has been held annually for Fellows.

To apply visit  the 2018 AMENDS Summit at Oxford University page 

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