2018-2019 WISE Accelerator Programme for Education Technology Projects

2018-2019 WISE Accelerator Programme for Education Technology Projects
2018-2019 WISE Accelerator Programme for Education Technology Projects

Application Deadline: April 24th, 2018 at 4:00 PM GMT


Have you recently launched an education project that is using or designing new technologies? You have progressed beyond proof of concept. You are confident of your goals. But to move ahead, you would benefit from the perspectives and specialized assistance of experts.

If you are ready to develop your project and connect with new partners or investors, the WISE Accelerator program could make a decisive difference for you!


The WISE Accelerator is designed to support the development of innovative education initiatives with high potential for scalability and positive impact. Selected projects receive the guidance and expertise of qualified mentors and partners who provide effective strategies and practical support for their further development.

Five projects are selected annually to join the one-year program. Throughout the year they benefit from tailor-made mentorships to address specific needs. The WISE Accelerator assists the selected projects to connect with an international network, and create opportunities to share knowledge and find support among potential donors and investors.



All education initiatives that use or link technology to their DNA are encouraged to apply!

Ideal candidates for the WISE Accelerator will be existing initiatives at an early stage of development, with the following attributes:

  • Established for at least one year;
  • A growing number of beneficiaries or customers;
  • A record of activities with a product or service that has been implemented and beyond proof of concept;
  • Existing stable revenues;
  • A dedicated team, with an established physical space or office;
  • Deep knowledge of the market/educational context and of their beneficiaries’ or customers’ needs;
  • Motivation to develop further;
  • Understanding of the project’s current challenges

For-profit and non-profit initiatives from all regions of the world are invited to apply

Structure of the program

The year-long program aims to take the selected initiatives to the next stage in their development.

Key milestones in the 2018-2019 process are:

  • Kick-off week of activities
  • Needs assessment
  • Tailor-made support by the WISE Accelerator team and partner organizations
  • Peer Mentorship by experts and leaders in education and education technology
  • Opportunity to participate in international events organized by WISE
  • Ongoing communication and international visibility
  • One on one meetings with potential partners, investors and donors



The year-long program is designed to assess and meet initiatives’ needs as fully and precisely

as possible in order to bring them to the next stage of development and scale up.

Key milestones in the 2018- 2019 program are:

  • Kick-off
    Selected initiatives participate in the program kick-off to be held during a WISE international event, where they benefit from workshops, masterclasses and networking opportunities.
  • Needs Assessment

The WISE Accelerator team will evaluate the initiatives’ priority needs and identify optimal ways to address them.

This phase corresponds to the rollout of the mentorship and training provided by the WISE Accelerator team and partner organizations, combining both face-to-face meetings and mostly distance, personalized sessions.


The WISE Accelerator team will match each selected initiative with mentors selected from a WISE community of over 50,000 education stakeholders. These mentors will advise, guide and support the initiatives in their growth. Often, the mentors are CEO’s and directors of for profit and non-profit education initiatives.

Ongoing communication and visibility

The selected initiatives benefit from ongoing communication and international exposure, as well as from networking opportunities throughout the year. This takes place via WISE media platforms and international events.

Program Closing

The program closing will also take part at a WISE international event in order for the selected initiatives to benefit from further opportunities for support, networking and international visibility.

Follow- up and Evaluation

Following the conclusion of the program, the WISE Accelerator team will evaluate the progresses made over the year and the overall development of the venture. The WISE Accelerator will collect information on the initiatives’ growth every six months for two years. At the end of two years from finishing the program, The WISE Accelerator team will collect information on the initiatives’ growth once a year.

Selection Criteria:

A Committee composed of leading experts in education and social entrepreneurship will support the WISE Accelerator team in the selection process.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Solution and innovation
  • Strategy and management
  • Development beyond proof of concept and potential for growth
  • Knowledge of the market/space where they operate

Representatives of short listed initiatives will be contacted for a call with the WISE Accelerator team.


Submission period February 14, 2018 – April 24, 2018
Calls with shortlisted projects June, 2018
Announcement of the selected projects July, 2018
2018-2019 WISE Accelerator Programme for Education Technology Projects
2018-2019 WISE Accelerator Programme for Education Technology Projects

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