2018 Cambridge Immerse Academic Essay Scholarship

2018 Cambridge Immerse Academic Essay Scholarship

Cambridge Immerse Academic Essay 2018 Scholarship


The Cambridge Immerse Essay Competition provides the opportunity for secondary school / high school students to submit a special essay on a topic of their choice for the chance to win a range of exciting prizes including an Academic Scholarship, an iPad, and the chance to be our featured writer of the month.



First Prize

The winning essay in each competition will win a subject-specific academic scholarship to attend the Cambridge Immerse Summer Programme. These include:

  • Cambridge Immerse Philosophy Scholarship
  • Cambridge Immerse Creative Writing Scholarship
  • Cambridge Immerse English Literature Scholarship
  • Cambridge Immerse History Scholarship
  • Cambridge Immerse Architecture Scholarship

Second Prize

The top essays in each competition who missed out on the top prize will win an iPad.


The best essays in each competition will win the opportunity to be feature on the Cambridge Immerse website and £100 of Amazon vouchers.


Any high school / secondary school student aged between 16-18 during the summer of 2018.

Eligible Regions: Open for all



Grammar/Spellcheck: British English must be used. Your blog should be checked for spelling and grammar before submitting.
Distribution: All winning entries will be shared on Cambridge Immerse website, the Cambridge Immerse social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and may be linked to the Cambridge Immerse newsletter. Cambridge Immerse might also publish non-winning entries.
Editing: Articles can be edited by Cambridge Immerse at their discretion.
Word count: Between 1000-1200 words.
Content: Students are free to choose the topic but it cannot include rude or swear words, inappropriate language, or anything that might discriminate or cause offence.
URLs: Hyperlinks to external and internal URLs are highly recommended to reference the research the student did.
Headlines/Titles: Short and snappy. Asking a question or offering a solution works

Entries: One entry per person.


Application Deadline: March 31, 2018


For more Information:
2018 Cambridge Immerse Academic Essay Scholarship
2018 Cambridge Immerse Academic Essay Scholarship

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