AACC International Scholarships

AACC International Scholarships

AACC International Scholarships

AACC International Scholarships: AACC International Scholarship are award annually by the AACC International Foundation.

The foundation awards both undergraduate and graduate scholarships. The AACC International Foundation has focused on providing undergraduate scholarship and graduate fellowships to students excelling in studies relevant to grain-based food science and technology.

To qualify, applicants must be;


  • A current AACC (American Association of Cereal Chemists) International student member and
  • Be majoring in a program of courses and/or participating in research that would normally lead to a career in cereal chemistry and technology (including oilseeds).The scholarship is supported by permanent endowments and by annual contributions from companies and AACC International Divisions.

For more information visit; AACC International Scholarship Website


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