Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships
2018 Rowan University Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students to study in USA

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships: The purpose of the Foundation is primarily to support programs and individuals in developing nations or other situations of extreme poverty.

Support is provided for post-secondary school (college, university, polytechnic, trade school). Support is not provided for graduate degrees or study in the US, UK or other developed countries.

Financial support is primarily to cover the costs of the education itself and directly related expenses including books and supplies.

The foundation does not require the applicant to pay an admission or processing fee or to buy a number to have the application reviewed.

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships Eligibility

An ideal candidate is a student, male or female, from a country in the developing world, who:


  • Successfully completed a secondary education, with good to excellent grades.
  • Will be studying in their country or another country in the developing world.
  • Plans to live and work in their own country after they graduate.
  • Has volunteered prior to applying for this scholarship and/or is willing to volunteer while receiving the WMF scholarship.
  • May have some other funds available for their education, but will not be able to go to school without a scholarship.

Submits a complete, legible application in English (please proof-read). Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Scholarships Cover

Scholarships range from $300.US to a rare high of $3000.US and cover

  • Tuition and fees.
  • Books and materials.
  • Room rent and meals.

Applications must be received by April 1

For more scholarship information and application materials, visit: Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships


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