Study Abroad: 2019/2020 Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship Program

2019/2020 Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship Program
2018 Hivos East Africa/Nukta Africa/Energy Change Lab Renewable Energy Reporting fellowship for journalists in Tanzania

Study Abroad: 2019/2020 Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship Program

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) has had a long-standing commitment to education. In 2001, the Partnership reinforced this commitment by establishing the Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) scholarship program to support students from developing countries and economies in transition.

Application Deadline: March 8, 2019 (23:59, UTC-05:00).

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership considers an outstanding student to be one who:

  • graduates with excellent grades in the top 20% of her/his class
  • is determined to advance her/his knowledge and understanding
  • has a history of community involvement
  • is committed to sustainable energy
  • is committed to return and contribute to her/his home country

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for this scholarship, prospective applicants must:

Required Documents:

You must provide an electronic copy of all the documents listed below.

  • Passport (photo page only) or birth certificate
  • Curriculum vitae detailing your education, work experience (if applicable), awards, and participation in volunteer and/or extracurricular activities
  • Admission letter from your university program of choice
    • If you have not yet received a letter of admission, you can upload an acknowledgement of receipt from your university showing that you have applied for admission
    • If you receive your official admission letter after the scholarship application deadline, it is your responsibility to forward it via email to by no later than April 20, 2019. Also, If we do not receive your official admission letter by this date, your application will not be considered
    • If this application is for the second year of a two-year program, please include proof of enrolment
  • Program outline
    • Upload an outline of the curriculum or the courses you will be taking for your master’s program
  • Academic Reference Form
    • You need to provide a completed copy of the Academic Reference Form. Complete the form in English.
    • The form must be complete by a faculty member or professor at your current or previous university who knows your academic abilities
    • Should the referee wish to send the Academic Reference Form directly to the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, they can email it to by March 8, 2019 (23:59, UTC-05:00). Once received, it will be indicated in the online application system

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship Program

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