Scholarships in USA: IREX Europe International Undergraduate Students 2019

Fully Funded to Travel to USA: IREX IREX Europe Undergraduate Scholarships 2019
Fully Funded to Travel to USA: IREX University Administration Support Program (UASP) Fellowships in Research Management 2018

Scholarships in USA: IREX Europe International Undergraduate Students 2019

IREX Europe Organization is proud to offer the International Undergraduate Students Scholarships. There are three types scholarships such as Tunisia Undergraduate Scholarship Program, Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan, Tunisia Community College Scholarship Program.

Applications Deadline: March 1, 2019.

Scholarship Award: All programs provide the following support to students:

  •  J-1 visa support
  • Round-trip travel from student’s home city to host institution in the US
  • Accident and sickness coverage
  • Tuition and mandatory university fees
  • Room and board (housing and meals)
  • A small allowance for incidentals
  • A limited allowance for books
  • A limited allowance for cultural enrichment activities
  • Alumni networking opportunities

Nationality: Internationally
Number of Scholarships: Multiple scholarships are available

Application Procedure:

International students bring a wealth of ideas, knowledge, and experiences to host institutions. In addition to providing institutions with diverse perspectives, these students foster cross-cultural understanding, mutual respect, and cultural exchange on campus.

  • To apply to host for any of the programs, please submit all application materials through the online application system. The online host application works best in Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.
  • Selection of host institutions and placement of students is contingent upon the availability of U.S. Government funding and approval and receipt of J-1 visas by program participants.

How to Apply: Students will need to submit a scholarship application through the given link:

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